We in PEGGY HARTANTO recognize the contradicting view as a fashion label that thrives on newness and consumption against the concept of sustainability. Sustainability is a long and ongoing journey, and for us this is our moral responsibility towards the planet that we live in and its people. We are committed to constantly putting effort to improve our contribution towards a circular economy.



Our small team is based in Surabaya, – Indonesia. We are 100% consist 100% of women, ranging vary from 20 – 65 years old from Surabaya and neighbouring towns. We commit to putting the welfare of our team as our priority in any business decision, since more than half of our staff is the breadwinner and supporting income in their households. We ensure everyone is qualified to get at least minimum standard salary, insurance, benefits, and opportunity to improve and grow in the company.



 Besides producing what is pre-ordered by our retailers, we are minimizing overproduction and avoiding overstock by using Pre-Order system for your orders. We produce 70% of PEGGY HARTANTO garments in our workshop, which allowsing full control over efficiency of this process.



 Due to the nature of the fabric and design, 80% of our garments are dry clean only.
Our team will be able to repair your garment when needed, or if you live far from our workshop, we will be able to give instructions  to your trusted alteration/repair service.
We hope you will cherish your PEGGY HARTANTO pieces for a long time.
Contact us at [email protected] for more information.



 We fully recognise that there is a long journey still ahead of us, and we welcome all suggestions from our community on how we can improve our practices. Please let us know your thoughts at [email protected].